Outlook 2016 Setup

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Step 1

1 Click File.JPG

Click the 'File' option at the top of your page.

Step 2

2 Click Account Settings.JPG

Click 'Account Settings' to open your Account menu.

Step 3

3 Click Account Settings Again.JPG

Click 'Account Settings' again to open your settings menu.

Step 4

4 Click Change.JPG

Click 'Change...' to change your account to a new setting.

Step 5

5 Change To mail ozisp com au3.JPG

Enter mail.ozisp.com.au for @ozisp.com.au addresses or mail.wimmera.com.au for @wimmera.com.au addresses in both the incoming and outgoing fields.
Click SPA Authentication.
Then click "More Settings...".

Step 6

6 Click Outgoing Server.JPG 7 Check Authentication 3.JPG 8 Advanced Tab 2.JPG

Copy these settings into each tab.
- In your "Outgoing Server" tab make sure the box is checked on.
Next, in your 'Advanced' tab read if you have "IMAP" or "POP3".
- If it says "IMAP" please enter 993 in the box next to it.
- If it says "POP3" enter 995 in the box next to it.
Make sure "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)" and "Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL" is selected in both places in your 'Advanced' tab.

Step 7

9 Final Step.jpg 10 Check.jpg

Press "OK" down the bottom and then "Next..." to finish setting up your mail.